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Speed is the ultimate "drug" when you're driving your car. Who fell like following the speed limits when the road is inspiring you to challenge it... It's not because you want to arrive 2 minutes earlier, but instead you feel the rush from the adrenaline "injection". That's when you know you have the need - The Need 4 Speed.

Most people consider cars as transporting vehicles, but for us, it’s more, much more, a lifestyle. The purpose of this site is to provide you with a fast, interactive and freqently updated site that will help you to achive speed in your life. We have the tagwall to discuss it with other car enthusiasts and we have held trackdays in Sweden, trips to the Nürburgring and other car-related events that is focused on speed in cars. Most websites tries to live up to this, but fails. We try not to have the same things as the other sites have, and to make it as interactive as possible. On the tagwall just add pictures/videos from Vimeo/Youtube or embed videos yourself from other sites. If you want even more added to this site, or have any good ideas then just mail us.

Welcome to Need4Speed.